About us

The largest and only true department store in Trinidad and Tobago, Excellent Stores Limited is a household name and offers the widest selection of consumer packaged products throughout the country.

Located in the major urban centres of Port of Spain, Trincity and Chaguanas, we operate 6 retail branches and a wholesale department under the Excellent Stores Limited banner with over 15 categories and 50 sub categories of Excellent merchandise at Excellent prices. While we are the leading retailer and wholesaler of Christmas Trees and Christmas Decorations in the country, we are also the sole distributors for Excellent brands such as High Sierra, Komax and Publications International and major distributors for Sterilite, Samsonite, Libbey, Tramontina, Bodum, Black and Decker, Cuisinart, Mattel, Fisher Price and many others.

Excellent Stores Limited is also the largest Western Union Sub Agent for Grace Kennedy Trinidad and Tobago Limited and offers a complete range of currency and money services from Western Union Money Transfer, a Foreign Exchange Cambio and Bill Payments. Our network is made up of 6 branch locations in the highest traffic centres of Port of Spain, Arima, El Socorro and Chaguanas.

From very humble beginnings as a shirt factory on Charlotte Street, Port of Spain to the establishment of Excellent Trading Limited in 1956 and then Excellent Stores Limited in 1989, we have served the consumers and the greater community of Trinidad and Tobago. For over 55 years through superior supply chain management, Excellent Stores Limited continues to have excellent customer service, honest business practices, constant innovation, community sponsorships and leading partnerships. Employing nearly 200 employees and growing, we pride ourselves on providing an easy, enjoyable shopping experience. When you shop at Excellent Stores Limited, you can expect to find Excellent brands at Excellent prices, without compromising on quality.

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